About Us

About Us

Here at Neudermis, we have one goal; find the newest skincare products and review them as fairly as possible.   But it’s more than that.  We pride ourselves on our ability to educate our readers with timely, up-to-date information on ingredients, potential side effects and even scams.  We don’t always recommend products.  In fact, we only recommend them if we would use them personally.

One of the best parts of our job is finding that new skincare product, finding full formula information on it, and proving or disproving the claims that company is making.  Our reviews typically include at least one study, or link to a scholarly source on the topic.  We see this as an opportunity to educate our readers, which, in the end, makes for much more satisfied customers for the products we review.  

We have an immensely talented staff, each with backgrounds in skincare.  Whether it’s homemade masks, or the newest French serum, we have a writer that can cover it, and cover it well.  In addition, we occasionally writer pieces on the latest skincare ingredients, trends and more.  You can find that information in our product information section.  If you want to meet our writers, be sure to check out our Meet The Staff page.  

If you want to read up on our disclaimers, or privacy information, be sure to click the menu tabs above.  We try to be as fair as possible in our reviews, but we do need to make money to keep our site going.  

Lastly, we’d like to personally thank all of our readers for helping us grow this site into something special.  We couldn’t do it without you, and your support really means the world to us.  So, if you see a serum, cream, moisturizer, or gel that you really like, try it.  Even if you cancel, you’re still supporting us.  If you have any questions about our site, or you just want to drop us a line, contact us!  We’re happy to chat.

Hope To See You Again Soon,

The Staff At Neudermis Reviews