Lovera Serum

Repair & Protect Aging Skin

lovera serumThe skin is the largest organ and serves as a protective filter. Maintaining healthy skin is incredibly important when it comes to fighting the signs of age and repairing damage. When your skin is healthy, it is able to heal much faster than unhealthy skin. When you do not give your skin the proper treatment, it becomes more prone to developing wrinkles, drying out and dehydrating. Lovera Serum is the number one dermatologist recommended treatment for protecting aging skin. Try a free trial today.

Lovera Serum is an advanced skin care treatment that is clinically proven to combat the signs of aging. The serum shields skin from free radical damage, smooths wrinkles, corrects uneven tones and hydrates dry cells. As you age, skin loses elasticity causing it to sag and sulk. Our product nourishes the skin and repairs collagen cells to restore elasticity back into the skin. For healthy skin that looks youthful no matter what age, order today.

The Science Behind Lovera Serum

Lovera Serum is a natural peptide cream that infuses botanical extracts together to repair and protect skin. This light weight serum stimulates collagen cells for improved elasticity. It contains hydration ingredients that improve dull and dry skin cells. Botanical extracts clear imperfections and brighten uneven skin tones. The serum creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin that acts as a natural protectant from harsh UV rays and free radicals. Plant based extracts also contain antioxidants and peptides that restore texture and protect skin from future damage. For confident skin that glows from the inside out, order online today.

Lovera Serum Benefits:

  • Repairs & Protects Aging Skin
  • Boosts Collagen Production
  • Smooths Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Hydrates Dry Skin
  • Brightens Uneven Skin tones

Lovera Serum Active Ingredients

Nothing can heal the skin like Mother Nature can. Natural ingredients are gentle and effective for treating problematic skin. Lovera Serum works wonders on all skin types, even those with sensitive profiles. We do not use animals for the testing of our products. All our ingredients are pure and beautiful, just as skincare should be.

Soy Protein – Works wonders healing blemishes, rashes and uneven skin tones

Ginseng Root Extract – Stimulates collagen production for firm & smooth skin

Aloe Vera Extract – Rejuvenates dry skin, protects from free radicals & reduces signs of aging

Vderma Free Introductory Trial

We care about your satisfaction and want you to feel 100% confident when purchasing our products. For that very reason we decided to give away free testers to first time customers. Now you can test Lovera Serum before committing to purchase. Simply click on any order button to get started. For more information on trial period, cost and shipping, see terms and conditions at the bottom of the order page. Give your skin the care it needs to nourish in health.

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