Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff

Jen Upton – Jen has been with us from the beginning.  She does all the graphic design for the site, and helps write a lot of our featured articles.  She has a background in handmade makeup products, but has worked in a variety of roles for a variety of skincare companies.

Jody Nicollet – Jody has earned a reputation here at Neudermis as the office mom.  That makes her role as content manager all the more perfect.  When she’s not handing out extra napkins to our interns, she’s making sure everybody has all their chores done.  Keep it up Jody.

Natalie Lione – Natalie is a Leo.  She wanted that to be her opening, even though she’s not a leo.  She is fierce, in her own way, and pulls off red lipstick better than anybody we’ve ever seen, drag queens included.  As a writer, she has a reputation for being efficient, fast, and thorough.  She’s definitely our kind of girl.

Lynn Reynolds – Lynn worked as a freelance writer and editor before coming to work for us full-time.  She specializes in reviewing the newest, unproven products.  She has a real knack for getting her work done fast, and asking for more.  It’s ok Lynn, you don’t have to do another article today.

Jess Abernathy – Jess is the kind of girl that would run a mile with you, and talk the whole time.  How do you do it Jess?  You’re tiring us out with all that energy.  But she applies that energy to her writing very well, and has been a great addition to our staff.

Liz McKinney – Liz is a hipster, there’s no other way to put it.  She rocks plaid like Cobain, but is probably the most knowledgeable person on our staff when it comes to cosmetic ingredients. It’s like talking to a scientist sometimes.  She’s an office favorite, and is always dragging us to concerts and events as her +1

Debbie Suarez – Debbie is the latest addition to our staff.  She worked her way up from intern, and really has the capacity to outshine us all.  She’s a natural writer, and has the knowledge to back it up.  Be sure to check out her reviews when they come out, as they’re almost always popular.