Product Information

Product Information

Welcome to our Product Information Hub!  We see this as a place for people to read, talk, and share information about their favorite skincare ingredients.  We’ll be sharing a lot of information here, including studies on popular skincare ingredients, how-to articles, and skincare tips.  Make sure to check back often, as we’ll be adding new content in regularly.  

Popular Ingredients 

Skincare products have somewhat of a revolving door when it comes to ingredients.  One year we’ll see retinol being used, another year we’ll see Vitamin C, other times we’ll see more antioxidant based formulas.  It’s really an interesting time to be writing about skincare because the ingredients are growing increasingly unique and novel.  That said, there are always a few that you’ll find just about everywhere.  In our ingredient breakdowns, we’ll be discussing all of the above.  We hope you find them informative and helpful!

Product Types

Everyday, a new marketing gimmick is borne.  From creams came anti-wrinkle creams, from anti-wrinkle creams came anti-aging serums, from anti-aging serums came moisturizing serums, from moisturizing serums come creams.  Sometimes it goes full-circle so fast you’ll get dizzy.  That’s why we’re here.  We’ll do the leg-work and do write ups on all kinds of product types so you can know when to use what, and when not to.  


This is where you’ll find everything we write that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else.  You’ll find all kinds of how-to articles, DIY recipes, skincare tips, recommendations and just general advice.  So, if you need a good article on how to make your own coconut oil hand soap, or you just need some advice on how to treat oily skin in high altitude environments, this is a great place to read up!